可能仍是Shopee小白的你,还没摸清 Shopee不同种类的卖家类型,例如Shopee优选卖家和Shopee商城卖家的区别等。别着急,下拉一起了解更多详细内容吧。



  1. 官方店铺由Shopee商城卖家管理,卖家归属于一个名为Shopee商城的专属市场。在这里,品牌卖家和官方分销商可销售他们的授权产品。
  2. Shopee优选卖家为带有 “优选”标签字样的卖家类型,只能通过平台邀请并获得合格资质认证方可成为其中一员。点击这里了解如何成为优选卖家。
  3. 海外卖家是指来自中国和韩国的卖家。
  4. 无任何标签的卖家是个人对个人的卖家。他们可以自由在Shopee中购买或出售商品。




  • 活跃度
  • 受众认可度
  • 店铺评级高
  • 提供良好的客户服务





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  • 100%正品
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Digital 38 | 亚洲360°数字整合营销与电子商务代操管理的营销公司 | 新加坡,亚太地区

D38 是亚洲360°数字整合营销与电子商务代操管理的营销公司,在亚太地区拥有强大的数字媒体影响力,在东南亚各国及中国皆有分公司,加上超过80名在地的专业数字策略营销专家,让你的业务飞快成长。

D38 拥有一支专门从事社交营销和电子商务的专家团队。让我们帮助您端到端规划和管理电子商务需求,立即与我们联系以获取报价。

D38 CN是 Digital 38 的成员。




digital-marketing-benefitsLearn how digital marketing can benefit your business. Let IH Digital, a trusted digital marketing agency in Malaysia, help you out.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketinis defined as the promotion of products, brands or services via one or more forms of online platforms. The term is so prevalent today as the usage of internet increases over the years. However, not everyone knows the benefits of digital marketing and the current digital marketing trends marketers around the world adhere to.

Here is the question that all business owners are thinking of. Why should I invest in digital marketing?

1. It connects you with your online consumers.

Today, about 80% of consumers use the Internet to make their search for information. Instead of flipping through volumes of phone directories or print ads, gathering results via the search engines or social media platforms makes it easier and convenient.

On top of the having a large online audience, digital marketing allows you to reach out better to the ones that are looking for your products and services. Traditional marketing works by broadcasting messages to broadly-defined audiences. However, digital marketing focuses on buyer demographics and less on marketer convenience. This provides a targeted marketing approach, increasing your conversion rates.

Having a large and targeted audience allows you to win half the digital battle. Your success is guaranteed if your content marketing strategy is put in place. By posting creative content and organising contests on social media, you are able to engage your fans better and spread your brand message more effectively. Your fans are able to stay connected and your brand will always be at the top of their minds.

2. It is cost-efficient.

Digital media is found to be more cost-effective than traditional media, like prints or TV ads. In fact, small business owners are reporting that they are saving about 40% as compared to using traditional marketing.

An average 30 seconds TV commercial costs about $3000 in Singapore. It is astronomically high as compared to the average cost per click (CPC) of $0.32 on Facebook in 2015.  With CPC, you will pay each time someone clicks on your ad which takes them to your landing page. Facebook will optimize to find the people most likely to click on your ad in that way, allowing your marketing efforts to be targeted at your desired audience. If the digital marketing strategy is planned and executed well, your online marketing efforts can improve your business ROI by up to 300%.

3. It keeps you on par with your competitors.

As seen in our case studies, marketers are aggressively promoting on social media and other online platforms. Every festive season, you will see brands trying their best to outdo each other on social media by posting the most creative content and organising contests to drive engagement among their social media fans.

By adhering to the current digital marketing trends, you will not be losing out to your competitors. From social media marketing to search engine optimisation (SEO), let IH Digital, a trusted digital marketing agency in Malaysia, help you out.

Start planning your Digital Marketing Strategy!

At IH Digital, we provide digital marketing support on the following channels:

Discover other online marketing strategies by IH Digital that might work for your brand! Speak to one of our representative here.


Crisis Management: A Digital Checklist

Crisis-ManagementToday’s advancing technology leaves every brand open to criticisms. Be it minor issue or immense, proper crisis management should take place all the time.

Crisis management is imperative

Reputation is a top priority in every business. It is therefore a need more than merely a support to understand the information about crisis management before any marketing action takes place.

Today’s advancing technology leaves every brand extremely open to criticisms. Be it minor issue or immense, digital crisis should be dealt with properly. So what if your brand is faced with an extreme criticism that may have started from a single influencer and rapidly growing to be very negatively noticeable for your brand? What must marketers keep in mind in today’s advancing marketing moves? Two things: First is to skillfully know how to handle a challenge to your brand’s reputation in the digital world; and second is even better — to adeptly avoid crisis all the time. Here are the things that you can’t miss to put into action when handling an ensuing online crisis:

Communicate with the influencer privately

People say you can’t please everybody. True enough! But because you are trying to sell your brand’s products and services, you need to try to achieve zero crises; or else, this can lead to an uncontrollable hit on your brand’s reputation that will sooner or later hurt your business. So best thing to do is find the root of the growing feedback and start communicating privately through a private message to address their issue. Tip: Make sure to make a genuine approach. You wouldn’t want to make the crisis worse.

Get rid of the gaps

This is the center of crisis management. Communicate well and respond. Don’t leave gray areas unresolved among your audience. Customers ask because they look forward to something. Leaving them wondering about your product or service may reflect your brand negatively. There’s nothing wrong in saying your apologies when you did something wrong. It makes your customers more at ease to know that you understand their issue.

Respond swiftly

Stop everything and put digital crisis in your Urgent task list. Issues need to be resolved quickly. For customers, time is more than gold (especially for those who are terribly furious). You need to let your customers know that your concern for them is never vanishing. So update them, communicate with concern and respond to their queries as soon as possible.

Be genuine and transparent

People online are more clever than you think. Keep in mind that in times of crisis, people can have more reasons to think negatively about your brand’s reputation. Don’t allow this to happen. Being transparent about the situation will make things better. Admit your fault and thoughtfully respond to your customers. Tip: Treat them as part of your growing brand’s family, not merely a customer.

Always keep a crisis management team ready

Panic won’t help. Never ever lose control in digital crisis situations Better yet, always ensure that your crisis management team is in place to act on the situation quickly.

Community management experience is crucial

Your community manager will be the voice representing your brand. How they deal with crisis on the social media, especially in executing quick actions and responses, will weigh big in times of crisis. Get a professional, a good communicator and someone who understands your brand by heart to do these crisis management things for you.


Social Media and Youth: A Workshop at Nanyang Polytechnic

nyp-youth-social-mediaIH Digital conducted a talk about Engaging Youths with Social Media at Nanyang Polytechnic, which covers the habits of youth and social media engagement.

Social Media among youth at NYP explained

With the incessant rise of technology, the youth is becoming a powerful bearer of news and developments through the influence of social media. A lot of people might not be aware how much the young generation is actively contributing through the use of different platforms. In IH Digital’s talk about Engaging Youths with Social Media at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) on 26 September 2014, the habits of youth, and all about social media engagement were laid out and explained thoroughly.

IH Digital / Social Media Workshop
IH Digital / Social Media Workshop


What’s interesting about the talk on social media?

The talk participants were not much aware about their contributions in the social media sphere. The youth, taking a significant chunk of the audience, became interested to learn about social media and engagement as the discussion transpired.

During the talk, the social media landscape in NYP was explained. Do you know which social media platform gets higher user activities from NYPians? Are you thinking about Facebook as the answer? Interestingly, the social media platform Twitter is becoming more popular among the students at NYP. And yes, much more than Facebook. Every month, Facebook users are averaging 2,500 hits, compared to Twitter’s 25,000 hits. The explanation to this is generally practical. As students, they want bite-sized and easy-to-digest information. Just through a tap of a clear hashtag, all needed information will appear right on the screen.

However, looking at social media use all over Singapore, Facebook generally remains the king of social media, followed by Instagram, which is also becoming a big hit among the youth of NYP. In fact, simply following the hashtags #nanyangpoly and #nanyangpolytechnic will provide your eyes with abundant feeds of photo shots from NYPians.


Making use of the social media

Are you aware about what a good content strategy is?  Seeing social media as a medium for powerful communication, the popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – must be used to engage students and the youth. In another portion of IH Digital’s talk, speakers explained Engagement 101 as well as the Do’s and Don’ts in Social Media.

The lessons laid out under these significant topics took much of the talk participants’ interests. Why? Basically because they have learned why a particular post is effective or not. Moreover, participants have learned much about branding, content, and engagement rules and techniques. Right after the talk, a Q&A session took place in order to address grey areas.

IH Digital / Social Media Workshop 2
IH Digital / Social Media Workshop 2


IH Digital’s expertise

Let your brand fly highest among the brands in your industry. The proper planning of a social media strategy must not be taken lightly. Today’s technology use is constantly changing, which is why it is important to stay up to date with trends, news and information to be able to apply the best approach to your brand’s social media move. Talk to us and let’s work to make your brand soar high!