GSC Movies Launches 360° Digital Marketing Campaign for “Train to Busan”

GSC Movies, Malaysia’s leading independent movie distributor, geared up in time for the release of the much-awaited zombie movie of the year, “Train to Busan,” by releasing a fully integrated 360-degree digital marketing campaign. This apocalyptic, hair-raising South Korean film premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and is now showing in Malaysia.

By utilizing all their digital channels, from their website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ to WeChat to off-line activations, GSC Movies was able to build hype and engage their fans through fun and creative approach:

Website SEO

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How an integrated digital marketing campaign could help your brand

Brands are called to keep up with the constant development of technologies. And with a 360-degree approach to your content marketing strategy, it helps your brand to provide a holistic and consistent experience across your channels.

By taking your product ideas and strategies and turning it into an all-encompassing content, you create an entire customer journey that helps build a lasting and fruitful relationship with your audience.

GSC Movies was able to reach every fan across multiple platforms by developing a content marketing campaign that stiches every moviegoer’s touchpoints on-the-ground and online: from learning about the movie to eventually purchasing the tickets.

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Prepare your mobile website and integrating with Google Plus

If you are operating a brick-and-mortar store, having a mobile version website that can seamlessly integrate with Google product is a must. As you can imagine, if you are doing search at a street corner, you must be in hurry to find out some useful information to tackle your problem.

Smart_phone and mobile search

Thanks for the blooming of android devices and other smartphones, mobile searching volume has surpassed the traditional PC-based searching. What you need to do is to create a mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly website that can align to the trend of mobile era and beat the others to win the top ranking on search result.

Google has implemented a brand new algorithm to “favor” websites which provide mobile version for better user experience. On the search result page, you can see that “mobile friendly” is highlighted and those mobile friendly websites are occupying at a higher position.

And don’t forget to connect your website with Google Plus! “I already have a FB page, I don’t need a new platform to gather fans!“, some may say. Google Plus is not a social media platform, but an additive layer for Google search.

Contents on Google Plus is Searchable!

+1 on Google Plus content does help the search ranking

To increase the click through rate, the company logo is shown on the search result (authorship markup)

Google authorship markup
A brand logo shown on search result for better click through rate

More importantly, completing contact information on Google Plus business page, potential customers can view your company details and then directly approach for inquiry.

Google Plus Business Page
A very detailed search result for your company. Contact info and location are available for immediate approach.
Google Search with Google Map integration
Google Map shows the office location



Six Ways to An Effective Google Plus Engagement Strategy


Some of the renowned brands such as H&M, Toyota, HP have already ventured into the world of Google Plus and small brands that have already established themselves on Google Plus may wonder how to be on par with the big names. Of course, there is no secret recipe to a successful Google Plus campaign as each brand must adapt themselves accordingly. However, there are some steps in which we recommend brands take in order to fully utilize their engagement strategy on Google Plus. Some of Google Plus best practices for your brand can be found in the next section of this article.

IH Digital / H&M on Google+
IH Digital / H&M on Google+

Highlight the Text

One of the simplest method helping to increase engagement on Google Plus is to provide text that stands out. Google Plus allows admin to create a bold text, italic text, and a strike through text. An eye-catching text with an interesting gimmick would help to attract users’ attention to brand’s Google Plus page

Select Striking Images

DO NOT ignore the importance of images. Striking images draw attention of users onto brand’s Google Plus page. A suggestion for admin when selecting an image would be to go for a colorful picture. At the same time, do not settle for the thumb nail image that the system automatically selects to preview on your page. Change the size of the image to be a bigger version as a larger size image will help to grab users’ attention.

Interact with Followers

Instead of encouraging followers to +1 brand’s content, brand might want to consider adding a photo album and drive users to give their +1 in that album. For example, brand could create a photo album of a restaurant and asks users to +1 their most favorite place. Afterwards, brand may feature the most popular photo as part of their weekly content. This is another way where brand can create a strong bond with users

Grant the Decision Making Power to Users

Users like it when brand shares their opinions to the public, because that would mean that brands care about users. One of the strategy that allows users to be part of the decision making process is asking users to “caption” a photo. By doing this frequently, brands will be able to identify users who interact most with brands. Brands could in turn talk to those users in order to convert them to be brand’s influencers.

Select a Theme That Speaks About the Brand

As Google Plus is well known for its use of hashtags, brands should make use of this feature and create a theme through a story-telling technique with the use of hashtags. This customized together with common hashtags would enhance brand’s search power

Create Questions for Followers to Answer

One of the most effective practices where brand can push for engagement among users is to throw a question for users to answer.  Users must be prompted to interact with the content in order for them to show their level of engagement.

If still in doubt on how Google plus for business works, feel free to drop us a message to discuss more in details about G+ or  you can get to know G+ better by visiting us on our G+ p