之前已經跟各位讀者分享有關做Facebook及Instagram的廣告的好處及操作方法。編輯亦希望大家可以透過數位行銷在這個由社交平台主導的大趨勢下做好網上廣告及從中獲利及實現到網上廣告的目標。除了以上兩個平台外, Youtube廣告比Instagram更早就開放賣廣告的權限,而且它亦模仿電視廣告的效果,廣告會在影片播出前播放或是在影片中段插播。事不宜遲, 現在透過這篇文章跟大家作詳盡介紹。






Digital Marketing Milestone: GSC Movies’ Train to Busan is a Box Office Hit!

Train-To-Busan-GSC-MoviesThrough partnership with IH Digital Malaysia and a 360 digital marketing campaign, GSC Movies' "Train to Busan" reaches RM20 Million in Malaysia box office.

GSC Movies, Malaysia’s leading independent movie distributor, reached a ground-breaking milestone with “Train to Busan” earning RM20 Million in just 2 weeks, making it a local box office hit! Through a partnership with a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, IH Digital, GSC Movies launched a 360-degree digital marketing campaign that launched the South Korean movie in Malaysian cinemas, making it as well the most talked about zombie movie online.

Prior to its release on September 8, with the help of IH Digital Malaysia’s digital marketing services, GSC Movies deployed creative and informative digital content that helped spread the buzz in time for the movies launch. By using SEO tools, social media marketing strategies, and online advertising, GSC Movies was able to utilize all their digital channels, from their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and WeChat:

Google Plus - GSC (1)

WeChat - GSC (1)

During its one-week show period in August 27, the movie made a whopping RM4.8 million, which grew to RM 16.3 million on it’s official opening week. It is now the highest-grossing South Korean movie in the country, and is still showing in 119 cinemas nationwide, continuing to break sales records.


Ready to jumpstart your digital marketing campaign?

With GSC Movies and IH Digital Malaysia’s collaborative efforts, the movie was able to reach every fan across multiple platforms through this integrated content marketing campaign that helped make “Train to Busan” truly a box office hit.

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GSC Movies Launches 360° Digital Marketing Campaign for “Train to Busan”

Train-To-Busan-1GSC Movies launches a 360-degree digital marketing campaign in line with the release of South Korea zombie film, “Train to Busan” in Malaysia.

GSC Movies, Malaysia’s leading independent movie distributor, geared up in time for the release of the much-awaited zombie movie of the year, “Train to Busan,” by releasing a fully integrated 360-degree digital marketing campaign. This apocalyptic, hair-raising South Korean film premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and is now showing in Malaysia.

By utilizing all their digital channels, from their website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ to WeChat to off-line activations, GSC Movies was able to build hype and engage their fans through fun and creative approach:

Website SEO

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Facebook Video






Google Plus - GSC (1) Google Plus - GSC (2)




WeChat - GSC (1)

How an integrated digital marketing campaign could help your brand

Brands are called to keep up with the constant development of technologies. And with a 360-degree approach to your content marketing strategy, it helps your brand to provide a holistic and consistent experience across your channels.

By taking your product ideas and strategies and turning it into an all-encompassing content, you create an entire customer journey that helps build a lasting and fruitful relationship with your audience.

GSC Movies was able to reach every fan across multiple platforms by developing a content marketing campaign that stitches every moviegoer’s touchpoints on-the-ground and online: from learning about the movie to eventually purchasing the tickets.

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Start integrating social media marketing seamlessly. IH Digital, a digital agency in Malaysia, provides digital marketing services that help you build audiences for your brand. Contact us today.


Shining the world with Swarovski – cutting edge video for digital marketing

swarovski-malaysia-digital-marketingDigital marketing delivers various means of marketing strategies including marketing video. Take a look at Swarovski’s excelled digital marketing delivery.

Marketing trend for this year is video marketing

Digital marketing covers wide genre of it advertising which relies their performance on contents strategy and delivery.  From creative graphic images, photography to catchy copy writing, digital marketing services begins with finding the most optimal ways of delivering a brand or campaign messages.  With various social media services expanding options for internet advertising, vast choices are given to digital agencies when it comes to online marketing.  Among many, video marketing is one of content strategies that is expected to see a boom this year.  Given many visuals tell stories faster and effectively than when written, it is no surprise that video marketing is seen as the most optimal strategy for digital marketing.

Cutting edge marketing video production

More to love this Valentine’s DayMore to love this Valentine’s Day
มาร่วมบอกรักวันวาเลนไทน์ให้พิเศษยิ่งกว่าเดิม ด้วย SWAROVSKI

เพียงร่วมสนุกกับ Swarovski ลุ้นรับ Dear Medium Necklace มูลค่า 5,100 บาท
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3. จากนั้นใส่ #MoretoLove #SwarovskiTH หลังข้อความบอกรักคนพิเศษ

ผู้โชคดีจำนวน 3 ท่าน ที่ร่วมสนุกจะได้รับ Dear Medium Necklace มูลค่า 5,100 บาท จำนวน 3 รางวัล ( 1 ท่านต่อ 1 รางวัล )
สามารถร่วมสนุกกับกิจกรรมได้ตั้งแต่วันนี้ – 14 กุมภาพันธ์นี้นะคะ
และติดตามประกาศรางวัลได้ภายในวันที่ 18 กุมภาพันธ์นี้ค่ะ

Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Posted by SWAROVSKI on Monday, February 1, 2016

Having evolved with strong brand message and belief, Swarovski crystal has chosen to launch their marketing video on Valentine’s Day campaign this year.  Known as the world’s largest producer of cut crystal, their product collection ranges from jewelry, fashion accessories, home décor and gifts.  Their pieces are timeless yet enriched with their history and heritage.  As their digital marketing partner, IH Digital Thailand, with a headquarter office in Singapore, explored the option for promotion video on Facebook as social media marketing strategy for this special day with Swarovski.

The number speaks for remarkable result of this video marketing campaign: according to the social media analytic, the promotion video reached an estimate of 1.5 million audiences, viewed approximately for 520,000 times, not to mention positive responses it received over all.

Furthermore, what is the best way to enjoy the well-crafted promotional video than to interactive with one? Along with the video, Swarovski organized a wall contest where a lucky winner could win an item from Swarovski.  With wall contest combined, Swarovski’s video marketing enjoyed well deserved responses from audiences.

Digital marketing as a brand’s story telling

Aside from the bold number that speaks itself for the success of Swarovski’s Valentine’s Day video marketing campaign, what are the possible take away from this digital marketing that transcends static visual marketing strategy? First and foremost, video marketing is available with much more ease, and with expanding platform that supports video it brings the message and story alive.  Second, marketing video is a combination of all beautiful graphic, photographs, and exciting copy writing, but all in action.  Third, the video brings out the untold character of brand along with campaign messages.  According to a research, 77% of consumers have been convinced for purchase after viewing the video, and 76% of consumers would share a brand’s video if they find it entertaining, these figures are nothing but assuring that video is becoming the hot demand in content marketing.

Delivering your story the most exciting way

Whether it is a promotion video, or event video to deliver the coverage behind the scenes, IH Digital Malaysia can help you bring your story alive.  Our team of social media expert are available for consultation to figure out the most optimal digital marketing strategy for your campaign. Contact us today to find out more!


Social Media Marketing: Multi Account and multitasking on Instagram

Let the visual do the talk

In social media marketing, it is commonly understood that visual imagery is far more effective than written words when delivering successful contents, which makes Instagram’s forte a popular platform as a social media for businesses.  With the number of active users estimated to reach 500 million this year, as well as number of marketers promoting ads on Instagram reaching 200,000, Instagram is going nowhere but up the ladder of strong digital marketing services.  Hitherto this latest update, businesses and brands handing multiple Instagram accounts either had to use third party social media management services or to take tedious steps to log in and out of accounts as they needed. Now that Instagram finally allows users to juggle their multiple accounts up to 5 with one access, how it can benefit social media strategy?

Instagram users and multiple account

Social media marketing is about knowing consumers, so here are some insights about how consumers may utilize this new feature.  Instagram is a platform where people can exhibit their photos of their interest, from their lifestyle, fashion, makeup, travel, arts and more, at the same time they would opt for sharing their casual photos that are not specifically related to their account theme.  Multiple accounts on Instagram have therefore been useful for easier and more efficient posting through quick account switching from personal Instagram account to other brand-related accounts.  What has got this to do with benefit for digital marketing?

Your next step

With this year unfolding with more upcoming events, why not incorporate Instagram into your content marketing strategy? From various campaigns to different product lines and services, we can assist you to strategize an internet marketing plan that suits your product or service using Instagram.  As a digital agency in Malaysia, we are working with media specialists who are versed with Instagram including Instagram ads, videos and featured images, and we are only click away.  Some of our case studies can be viewed here. Contact today to find out more.