Digital Trends in 2014

Digital trends and the Internet

As digital trends evolve with the development of the Internet, the world unceasingly gets smaller. Can you imagine how big the difference the Internet has made in people’s lives around the globe? With online connections and social actions, every person spends a huge fraction of their time to check what is going on around their social sphere. Let us see how big the figures that the Internet has connected.

Going mobile is a top digital trend to continue in 2014

Around 2.5 billion people are internet users around the world today, which is approximately 35% of the world’s population. This remarkable number is continuously growing at a fast pace, wherein mobile is actively taking part in this significant increase. In fact, the International Communications Union estimates that global internet users may have probably reached 3 billion, with mobile-only connections contributing mostly to this digit.

The value of 2014 digital trends to internet marketing

In the coming months, mobile connection is expected to account for the new digits that will increase global internet penetration. The growth in mobile users is likely to continue and develop this year, making it vital for marketers to look into how to keep up with this digital trend. It comes to be more important as the cost of mobile data falls, which is presumed to benefit the portion of the global population that are hindered to reliable mobile internet access. As this event happens, the online users in the Asian region will certainly benefit, which may eventually contribute to a significant increase in active users around Asia this year.

Most marketers have yet to fully make use of the obvious fact that mobile devices have outpaced the traditional means of internet access such as desktop PCs and laptops. And this year will be marked to be the best time to implement significant steps for marketers to become more mobile. Mobile is even playing a huge role in the social media landscape. Facebook alone has reported that almost three quarters of its global active users access the platform through mobile.

IH Digital Maketing Agency /  Digital Trends in 2014
IH Digital Maketing Agency / Digital Trends in 2014

On top of sharing out much attention to mobile, understanding the current digital trend in the social media is in the same way significant for marketers nowadays. The social media is presenting fast growth, wherein top social media channels are said to have accounted some 135 million additional users in 2013. Interestingly, social media penetration digits also have significantly high active user base in different social media platforms, which indicates that social media is actively changing the habits of online users around the world.

Asia alone has recorded strong growth in digital activities. China’s social media giants, for instance, posts strong growth of its famous platforms primarily pointed to Qzone or Weixin  (WeChat). Similarly, chat apps such as Japan’s LINE and South Korea’s KakaoTalk are also seen to be gaining momentum. It is however difficult to reveal its current stand compared to the giants Facebook and Twitter as neither of the two chat apps from Asia releases its monthly active users figures.

Although we can expect dynamic online social activities, Facebook will still play a significant role in the social media realm in 2014 as it currently remains on top in terms of membership and active users worldwide.

IH Digital Maketing Agency / Digital Trends in 2014 2
IH Digital Maketing Agency / Digital Trends in 2014 2

As the mobile usage fuels the growth of online digital activities, it is interesting to find out and witness how marketers will actively engage to make use of this progressing digital trend. It is safe to say that in this year, we are about to witness a significant channelling of marketers’ resources to what is apparently in demand – the people’s social and mobile behaviours.

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