Prepare your mobile website and integrating with Google Plus

If you are operating a brick-and-mortar store, having a mobile version website that can seamlessly integrate with Google product is a must. As you can imagine, if you are doing search at a street corner, you must be in hurry to find out some useful information to tackle your problem.

Smart_phone and mobile search

Thanks for the blooming of android devices and other smartphones, mobile searching volume has surpassed the traditional PC-based searching. What you need to do is to create a mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly website that can align to the trend of mobile era and beat the others to win the top ranking on search result.

Google has implemented a brand new algorithm to “favor” websites which provide mobile version for better user experience. On the search result page, you can see that “mobile friendly” is highlighted and those mobile friendly websites are occupying at a higher position.

And don’t forget to connect your website with Google Plus! “I already have a FB page, I don’t need a new platform to gather fans!“, some may say. Google Plus is not a social media platform, but an additive layer for Google search.

Contents on Google Plus is Searchable!

+1 on Google Plus content does help the search ranking

To increase the click through rate, the company logo is shown on the search result (authorship markup)

Google authorship markup
A brand logo shown on search result for better click through rate

More importantly, completing contact information on Google Plus business page, potential customers can view your company details and then directly approach for inquiry.

Google Plus Business Page
A very detailed search result for your company. Contact info and location are available for immediate approach.
Google Search with Google Map integration
Google Map shows the office location