Take a glimpse of Asian Digital Landscape

Asia is the major propeller of global economy, over 4 billion people living in the continent, and 45 percents of which are living in cities and urbanized areas. The internet users are huge in number – 1.4 billion, which is more or less the same as the entire China population. Solely in East Asia (Greater China Areas, Korean Peninsula and Japan), there are 823 million internet people; whereas in South East Asia, 208 million people accessing the net daily. The internet speed and internet coverage are directly aligned with the nation’s economy power. The wealthier the nation, the more people are using internet. Regions like South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, their internet coverage (from 79% to 90%) and mean internet speed (>10 MBPS) are almost 2 times greater than the global average values.

Mobile Phone Penetration


Asian mobile phone penetration is growing really fast. Compared to Jan 2014, the population of mobile users has been increased by 11%, up to 3.7 billion now. Alternatively saying, there are 92 mobile phone users out of 100 Asians. And we also discover that if a person is using social media platforms, they are very likely to fetch news-feed, moments and friend circle over their handy devices. The statistic says 1.088 billion social media users; meanwhile, 906 million social media users are having an mobile app installed on their handy devices.

Think mobile

In the post-PC era, especially in China, there are numbers of people surfing the net since the rise of handy devices, since around 2010. They have neither previous experience of using desktops nor in-depth skills to operate PCs. By sliding and tapping on a screen, the smart devices have been improving the net penetration rate.

And now the online traffic reflects the truth, almost one-third of internet usage is from mobile devices. However, the traffic from desktop drops by 13% in 2015. And it implicitly pinpoints the importance of user experience, no matter creating a new website or crafting an new application, think about the mobile users and you need to integrate mobile-friendly design and adaption in your project.

Go Shopping


Online shopping is simpler than before when you have your credit card number, shopping accounts and shopping website application stored in your 5-inch cell phone. People are not reluctant to shop online, over 30% of mobile users have shopped and purchase in the previous month. Alibaba and its biggest B2C and C2C shopping platform Taobao are the most welcomed shopping websites in the Greater China Area. Amazon and Apple are the foreign companies which are also good in performance in Asia region.


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